Who is John Gilliat?...
I was a very, very shy 9 year old kid with a crazy burning desire to be on a stage playing for millions of people as a guitar player...  So how do you play for millions when you are so nervous to play for anyone? 

Not only that; learning to play guitar was really hard! All I knew was to grind through a beginner's guitar book and my teachers were uninspiring. I spent months trying to use my ear to work out a few of my favorite song intros from an old record player!
Eventually I worked out enough to put a rock band together in High School to play a talent competition. I remember we had to create a 3-song medley as I didn't know how to play any of the songs from start to finish. It was fun but I was really beating myself up inside listening to all my guitar heroes and not knowing what to do to be just like them.
Soon after my talent show performance I met Colin and my whole world opened up! Colin had an amazing system that brought me the result and solution I was looking for.  

I began teaching private guitar lessons in 1986 and because of the concepts and systems I had learned from Colin I felt it was so important that I pay it forward to everyone else like me with the dream to play the guitar. I have learnt that playing guitar for others is an extremely moving and powerful thing however, teaching guitar to anyone that was frustrated and struggling as I had been then witnessing the transformation from that frustration to one of sheer joy from a student continues to be one of the most rewarding moments in my life.

Now with the help of the internet I’ve found a vehicle where I could pay it forward in an even greater way. And hope to help as many people as possible with a better and fast way to reach their goals and dreams to play the guitar and that’s how the Accelerated Beginners Guitar Course was born.
John Gilliat
This Westcoast Music Award Nominee has toured throughout world. Performance highlights include representing Canada at Japan's World Expo, performing at Canada's Winter Olympics and performing for Canada's former Prime Minister Jean Chretien. John's recordings have been used for radio, documentaries, TV and film in North America, Japan, Ireland and the UK. 
John has won "Best Acoustic Guitar Performance" in the Music West Star Frets Competition. He won Vancouver's Unplugged Competition. John also became a finalist in Vancouver's Global Star Quest and competed at the Montreal Jazz Festival winning the Grand Prize at the BOSS Loop Station Championship National Finals.
"When John Gilliat holds his acoustic guitar he holds technique and emotion in melodic balance and holds his audience in the palm of his hand." 
Cal Koat - worldbeatinternational.com
About The Accelerated Beginners Guitar Program...
The Revolutionary New System To Learn How To Play 100's Of Your Favorite Songs On The Guitar... Even If You've Never Picked Up A Guitar Before!
Your Accelerated Journey To Playing 100's Of Your Favorite Songs On The Guitar!
Within the first free course you have discovered how easy it is to play 100's of songs without the guitar. Now it is time to use the proven systems and tools to immediately transition to the guitar and begin feeling the pure excitement of playing. Soon you will become a finger board ninja!

Then we'll learn a few super cool advanced techniques to really impress your family and friends. Also, don't forget that you will now be part of the Accelerated Guitar Facebook family and have the direct zoom, email and text portal open for additional coaching. I also encourage you to play with the band audio tracks to build your confidence to go out and play with other musicians. How about playing along with the band track while recording yourself with your phone to share your new gift with others?

I have wrapped all of this material in a number of options below to get you started right away and you will have unlimited access with all the future updates.

I really wish I had the words to express the feeling I experience playing for audiences around the world and I really want to share this euphoria with you! I can't wait to hear your story and listen to your own guitar performances...

Hope to hear from you soon,
John Gilliat
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