Frequently Asked Questions
John answers the most common questions about the 
Accelerated Beginners Guitar Course
Question 1
What do I get when I sign up?
Well, there's three different "levels" or "packages". Each level is the same proven Accelerated Beginners Guitar Course curriculum that I teach, but just different ways for me to present the information to you, based on what you think will work best for you and your budget. But also the Ultimate package includes several bonus courses and interaction with me.
Question 2
How much does it cost?
First and foremost, I offer a lot of training for free. In fact, I want you to start with the free material so you can really understand if the way I teach guitar is for you.
I'm also not trying to hide any costs. I'm blessed to call teaching people to play guitar as my "job" and is the main source of income for my family. So, yes, my full program comes with a fee.
I offer three different packages ranging from $97 to $497. Which package you choose depends on your needs and your budget. I also offer a 6 month payment plan on each package to make it even more affordable.
I will be emailing more details about the packages and pricing to those on the waitlist for the newest version of my Accelerated Beginners Guitar Course. So if you haven't joined the waitlist, you can do so buy enrolling in my FREE "How to Play Guitar without a Guitar" course clicking on this link... How to Play Guitar without a Guitar in as little as 7 DAYS.
Question 3
How much time per day is this going to take?
It completely depends on you! Successful graduates of the Accelerated Beginners Guitar Course are spending anywhere from 30 minutes a day to up to 2 hours. The side of the spectrum you fall depends on how quick of a learner you are, if you have any music background at all, and how motivated you are.
Question 4
Do I have to finish the course in a specific time frame?
No, certainly not! When I first created this course my goal was for people to do it in 34 consecutive days, but that turned out to be very unrealistic as most of us, in general, are pretty busy. Fortunately the course works very well if you go at your own pace. And you get unlimited access when you sign up.   
Question 5
How interactive is the course? Do I get to work with you directly, John?
Well, it depends on what level you sign up for. The Ultimate package includes one-on-one lessons with me through a video chat. You'll also be able to email me or text me any time you have a guitar related question or comment. If you need some interaction and accountability, definitely go for the Ultimate package!
Question 6
If I sign up for a lower level package now, can I upgrade in the future?
Absolutely! No matter which level you sign up for, you'll get a username and password to the membership site. Once logged in, you'll be able to upgrade your account at any time if you so choose.
Question 7
Why is enrollment closing?
That's just the way I do things around here. The enrollment period is only available for a very short time as I'll be taking on a lot of new students and then for the next several months I'll be working with those students directly to help make them as successful as possible. Anyone that has signed up for the my free courses with be sent an email once the enrollment period is about to re-open. The enrollment period is generally once every 6 months.
Question 8
John, what if I buy and want a refund? What's the policy?
If I can't teach you guitar then I don't deserve your money. That has always been the case at Within 30 days of signing up, just let me know the course isn't for you, I'll refund you every penny.
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